Finis Pulling Ankle Strap



The Pulling Ankle Strap is a rubber strap worn around ankles to eliminate kicking. Ideally used with the Foam Pull Buoy, the Pulling Ankle Strap holds ankles together, shifting the focus to build upper body strength. The Pulling Ankle Strap comes in one universal size that fits all ankles.


  • Completely eliminates kicking: the ankle strap secures the feet close together so that they cannot create propulsion
  • Focused Workout: with the legs taken almost completely out of the swim, your exercise focus shifts to build upper body strength
  • Universal Size: pulling strap can be twisted and adjusted to fit almost any swimmer
  • Ideal to wear during pull sets: perfect for when you need to improve your ability to pull yourself through the water
  • Intensify your workout: pair with a pull buoy if you want an even more intense workout