Jaked MEN’S ONE-PIECE WETSUIT MULTI-THICKNESS SHOCKER | 鐵人wetsuit | 游海 wetsuit (高級)

$5,600.00 $4,600.00



Available in both Men & Women style
Ideal for open water training/competition /triathlon

– 4.8 mm closed-cell neoprene, highly compressive on thighs to increase buoyancy
– 4.0 mm neoprene on the core area of the body, to guarantee heat insulation and compression
– 0.5 mm neoprene on shoulders, armpits, forearms and lower legs
– Watertight raw edges on wrists, ankles and neckline, to easily and quickly remove the wetsuit
– JP Heat Tape system on the inside for a total waterproof sealing.

Key factors:
– Maximum freedom of movement
– Great water perception
– Minimum hydrodynamic resistance



Men’s One-piece Wetsuit MULTI-THICKNESS SHOCKER is made of differentiated thickness Yamamoto neoprene, with JY Stretch linings and JP heat sealing tapes that ensure consistency, robustness and warmth, in order to satisfy the needs of Triathlon and open water swimming. This item, ideal to wear for both training sessions and competitions, is characterised by its particular elasticity and quick fit, thanks to the reduced 1.5 mm neoprene thickness on the shoulders, underarms, lower arms and legs. In the central area of the body and on the back of the thigh, the material is 3.0 millimeters thick, to also guarantee robustness and compactness of the suit, in addition to the warmth. This is completed by a double layer on the neck of 1.5 mm, and a 4.5 mm neoprene high density thickness on the back of the thigh, equipped with a floating element. This model is characterised by a coloured pattern on a uniform background, contrasted logo and a professional metallic zip with anti-saline treatment.

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