Swans Anti-Fog Liquid SA-30B




  • How to use
    1. Place one or two drops of the anti-fog liquid on the inside of the lens.
    2. Use the sponge finger to spread the liquid evenly. (Do not grind the sponge tnto the inside of the lens.)
    3. Rinse under water lightly.
  •  Usage Instructions

    ・    This product is only to be used on swimming goggles

    ・    Do not drop directly in to the eyes or swallow

    ・    If the product gets in the eyes, rinse with water immediately, if swallowed drink water and seek medical help.

    ・    If you experience any side effects on your skin or eyes, stop using immediately and consult your doctor.

    ・    Ensure goggles are properly rinsed before wearing and do not put on if there is excess water in the lens as it might cause irritation to your eyes.

    ・    After using, rinse the swimming goggle under running water. To avoid scratching the lens, gently blot with a soft cloth and let it dry naturally

    ■    Storage instructions

    ・    Keep in a cool place away from direct sunlight and out of the reach of children

    ・    Fasten the cap of the bottle properly

    ・    Read the instructions carefully before use

    ■   WARNING

    1. Do not wear immediately after applying the liquid
    2. Do not store with remaining liquid inside the lens
    3. Do not use the sponge on the bottle with excess pressure as it could scratch the lens.
    4. Be careful not to let the liquid come into contact with any other part of the goggle other than the lens as it could cause damage.
    5. Do not mix with any other antifog liquid
    6. If applying to a brand other than SWANS please consult the manufacturer