Swans Ascender Photochromic Goggles | Made in Japan



For open water / triathlon

ASCENDER photochromic lenses – lenses that change color depending on the amount of UV rays

■ What is photochromism? With technology that changes the brightness of the lens based on the amount of UV rays, it can automatically adjust the brightness of the lens in all weather conditions, from cloudy to sunny. The higher the amount of UV rays, the darker the lens color, the lower the UV amount, the lighter the lens color. *The shade of lens color will change depending on the amount of UV rays, air temperature, water temperature and other conditions.

■ Curved lens surface reduces water flow resistance. Additionally, the lenses extend to the sides of the goggles to ensure a wider field of view.

■ Using “PREMIUM ANTI-FOG”, the anti-fog effect is extended four times.

■ Wider vertical and horizontal fields of view The lens surface is curved, resulting in a wider left and right field of view. In addition, we reduce resistance by cutting parts of the lens that are susceptible to water resistance. Additionally, by making the upper and lower surfaces of the lens (especially the upper lens surface) larger, we can more easily capture light from above and ensure visibility.

■ These racing goggles feature 3D padding that conforms to the shape of Asian faces, improving the fit and reducing the risk of slipping and leaking while diving.

■ Easy belt adjustment function makes it easy to adjust the belt length. Plus, the sliding noseband provides a smooth fit that conforms to the shape of your face. *These goggles are made asymmetrically from top to bottom for a better fit.

*Product color may vary slightly from actual product depending on monitor settings and other conditions.

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