Amazfit AirRun Smart Home Treadmill with JBL Speakers


Extra Wide Running Belt | 5-Second Folding | Surround Sound Customized JBL Speakers

1-year warranty: labour + parts + on-site support in Hong Kong

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Amazfit AirRun


True Full Fold.Reclaim 80% of Your Space in 5 Seconds*.

The switch behind the armrest allows quick folding and smooth setup. With the handrails buttons connected design, the treadmill can be completely folded in 5 seconds using only bare hands, reducing about 80% of its volume.

*Comparison data before and after folding under experimental conditions.

Quick and Easy to Store.

It can be easily placed under a bed or table, quickly and effectively saving space in your room, and allowing use even in small residences.


Surround Sound Customized JBL Speakers. Running on the Sound Waves Is Even Better.

Built-in two JBL custom full-range speakers, featuring fast transient response and ultra-low distortion, provide users a superior sound. Without wearing headphones, you can enjoy advanced sound quality, and use music to energize your workout.

Wave Rubber Column for Shock Absorption.Smooth Knee Protection.

Eight shock-absorbers are installed between the running board and the main frame. These, combined with the overall structure and running board, achieve smooth footfall without feeling too hard or soft, bring the recoil force and secondary recoil force, protecting the knee and reducing the noise even at high speeds to not disturb neighbors.

Heart Rate Wearables Synchronization1.Designed For A More Focused Workout.

Supports synchronization of heart rate data from external devices. Compared with treadmills with traditional hand-held heart rate measurement method, the heart rate is displayed synchronously with an external device, the data display is more timely, hands are completely freed, and running is more focused.

1. Devices currently supported: Amazfit PowerBuds, Amazfit GTS, Amazfit GTR, Amazfit T-Rex, Amazfit Verge Lite, Amazfit Bip, Mi band 3 & 4. More devices will be added gradually.

Running Programs.
Make Exercise More Interesting.

Training courses can be linked to the treadmill to guide runners of different levels in finding a training program suited to them. A large variety of running trajectories are available. Users can compete with other users on the virtual map, and even get the corresponding real outdoor route track and share it via social medias.

* Training courses and running trajectories will be updated through subsequent software upgrades.

Minimalist and Integrated Design. Blends with Any Decor

The body has a rich texture with metallic finish and there are almost no joints or exposed parts on the exterior surface, so the whole machine is smooth and complete, allowing it to fit easily into every home environment.

Convenient Daily Maintenance.
Automatic Maintenance Prompts.

Automatic detection activates immediately after power is turned on. Once the treadmill reaches scheduled maintenance mileage, the APP and the treadmill will issue a reminder, so you won’t have to worry about missing scheduled maintenance.

Safety Measures.
Effectively Reduce Risk of Injury.

Emergency Stop Cord

Sudden Slow Down Button

Built-in Phone Mount.
Convenient Workout.

Easily watch videos or change music tracks on your phone as you work out with the built-in phone mount.

Place of Manufacture


Weight (g)


Dimension (Wx H xD mm)


Special Feature

Speed range 1.0-15KM/H

Warranty Covering Region

Hong Kong

Warranty Inforamtion

1-year warranty: labour + parts + on-site support

Additional Information

True Full Fold. Reclaim 80% of Your Space in 5 Seconds. / Surround Sound Customized JBL Speakers. Running on the Sound Waves Is Even Better. / Wave Rubber Column for Shock Absorption. Smooth Knee Protection. / Heart Rate Wearables Synchronization. Designed For A More Focused Workout / Running Programs. Make Exercise More Interesting


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