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What is FORM?

FORM is a swim training system powered by the world’s first and only smart goggles with a see-through display.


Triathletes train with real time data in biking and running, WHY NOT Swimming?

  • ●  FORM Solves a problem
  • ●  Eliminates guesswork = consistency
  • ●  Enhances awareness = Teaches you vs. you
  • ●  Increase engagement, motivation, enjoyment
  • ●  Accuracy and awareness


● Live metrics are displayed right before your eyes with our smart goggle technology—without obstructing your vision.

  • ●  In-goggle real-time metrics
  • ●  Activity tracking
  • ●  FORM Swim App
  • ●  Detailed post-swim analysis
  • ●  1,000+ workouts
  • ●  30+ coach-designed plans
  • ●  Custom workout builder

    Purchase & Premium Features

  • ●  What’s Included in the Purchase?
    • ○  Smart goggles
    • ○  Interchangeable nose bridges for the perfect fit (XS-XL)
    • ○  Ventilated carry case
    • ○  Magnetic charging cable
    • ○  Mounting clip for heart rate sensor (sensor sold separately)
    • ○  1st year of Premium Features
  • ●  Premium Features
    • ○  Pricing, see table above.
    • ○  Can I buy the goggles without the access to Premium Features?

■ As an added bonus, every goggle purchase includes a free 1-year Premium

Features with 1,000+ guided workouts, 30+ training plans, and a custom workout builder. We’ve intentionally created each feature with every swimmer in mind, so there truly is something for everyone.

○ What is the price of a Premium Features?
■ Your first year of Premium Features is on us when you buy a pair of goggles.

After that, your subscription auto-renews at $15/month. If you want to take a

break, you can cancel at any time.
○ Can I use the goggles if I cancel my access to Premium Features?

■ If you don’t renew your subscription after your free year, you’ll still have access to real-time metrics in your goggles, the app, post-swim analysis, the swim community, and a variety of sample workouts.

○ What happens when my free 1-year of Premium Features expires?
■ Keep the swim improvements going. Your subscription auto-renews at

$15/month. If you want to take a break, you have the flexibility to cancel

your subscription at any time.
○ Received the goggles as a gift? You’ll need to add your payment details to set

up your auto-renew subscription. ● Premium Features

○ 1,000+ in-goggle guided workouts
■ Know when to go, when to rest, and what effort level to swim—it’s like having

a coach with you underwater.
○ 30+ coach-designed fitness & training plans

FORM Education


FORM Support Site:
● FORM’s support site has answers to all questions users may have regarding FORM. If there is a question that can not be answered using the FORM support site, please contact our support center or have the user contact the support center directly.

Contact: Scott Dickens, Director of Business Development –

Leverage the below FAQs to support in answering questions that individuals may when visiting the store and have questions about FORM. Sometimes the easiest way to answer a question will be to show them the goggles and let them experience them for themselves. All the information below is also available on our website at