NRC X1RR Sports sunglasses | Hong Kong Running, Trail running, Cycling sunglasses| ZEISS HD lens Black Shadow


X1RR.BLACKSHADOW2 glasses with ZEISS mirror lenses: 100% Italian design.The special lenses of these cycling glasses allow for superior optical quality, optimising light and colours in all conditions.


X1 Series, RR mean Race Ready, top model of X1.
Made in Italy;
Half-glasses frame design, suitable for people with a wider head type;
The use of German ZEISS HD lenses, with nylon material, lenses more anti-scratch, impact-resistant;
Adjustable nasal design for people of different nose types.

  • Frame: Matt black and gold

  • Lens: ZEISS Super Nylens 2.0 Gold Experience Mirror

  • Filter Category: 3

  • Removable side logo for high ventilation

  • Road biking special lens

  • Adjustable nose pad

  • Sunglasses designed and manufactured in Itlay with Italian lens

  • Anti scratch

  • ZEISS Ri-Pel® Oleophobic and Hydrophobic

  • Impact resistant


Our X SERIES glasses with ZEISS lenses are developed based on the real-life needs of every cyclist. Every requirement in terms of comfort and lightness has been fully taken into account in order to guarantee the best possible performance.



The innovative shape of the ZEISS lens used in the X1RR.BLACKSHADOW2 glasses has been designed to increase ventilation while on the move, thus reducing fogging.

Its special colour differs from normal lenses: with functional mirroring and a deep brown base colour with increased red wavelength, the glasses can boost both the wearer’s blood flow and muscle strength, making them perfect for races where speed is of the essence.

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